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WHACK 2023!
November 4-5, 2023 @ Wellesley College


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WHACK (Wellesley College Hackathon) is Wellesley College's annual hackathon event. We welcome any undergraduate college students ages 18 and above to join us for a weekend of innovation, learning, sharing ideas, and forming new connections!


Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding
Yellow Star
Most Readily Employable Hack
Pink Flower
Best Impact Hack
Bli Star
Best Community Hack
Blue Flower
Best Beginner Hack
Pink Star
Most Ambitious / Best Idea Hack
Yellow Flower
Best UI Hack


Saturday Nov. 4, 2023

Event (Location)
9:30 AM
Alumnae Foyer
10:00 AM
Official Check-In
Alumnae Foyer
11:00 AM
Opening Ceremony
Alumnae Ballroom
12:00 PM
Hacking Begins!
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Workshop: Building Accessible UI with React Spectrum
  • Yihui Liao - SWE @ Adobe
SCI L045 | Zoom
3:00 PM
Break Through Tech AI Info Session
  • Chu Huang, Malorie Bournazian - MIT
SCI L045
4:00 PM
Workshop: Non-Tech Opportunities in the Industry
  • Aniqa Hassan - PMM @ Google
SCI L045
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
Workshop: Intro to Figma and Interactive Design
  • Julie Lely - Product Design @ Yahoo!
SCI L045 | Zoom
7:00 PM
Workshop: Intro to Databases and SQL
  • Audrea Huang - SWE @ Aurora
SCI L045 | Zoom
8:00 PM
MLH Mini Event: Decompress with Us!
  • Major League Hacking
LWC 210
10:00 PM
Lulu Firepit

Sunday Nov. 5, 2023

Event (Location)
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
Workshop: Submission and Presentation 101
Tishman Commons
12:00 PM
Soft Submission Deadline
12:30 PM
End of Hackathon (Hard Devpost Submission Deadline)
Alumnae Foyer
1:30 PM
Judging and Presentations
Alumnae Ballroom
3:30 PM
Closing Ceremony
Tishman Commons

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